samedi 9 juillet 2016

Aujourd'hui - théâtre oukraïnien

L'été avant toutes choses
mais pas en France, où le théâtre oukraïnien est muet
au Royaume Uni - The Summer Before Everything

"There was nothing to foreshadow war, absolutely nothing.”

The Summer Before Everything is a new verbatim play that follows three individuals trying to make sense of their lives following revolution and war in Ukraine. Composed from over 250 hours of interviews and translated into English, this thought-provoking play explores what it means for ordinary people to face change and upheaval that they could never have imagined. What does it mean for a single mother to be forced to leave her hometown and start life anew? How does a teacher deal with her new role of being a soldier? And how does death show its different faces to a doctor at the frontline? The Summer Before Everything brings these questions to the stage through stories filled with urgency, humour and passion.

TIME: 2PM – 2.50 PM & 7PM – 7.50PM
TICKETS: £8/£6

By Maria Montague and Bohdan Tokarsky

Directed by Patrick Morris
Produced by Menagerie and supported by Cambridge Ukrainian Studies

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