vendredi 14 février 2020

Vassyl Stous à Londres, le 12 mars 2020

Poetry Against the System: 

Vasyl Stus and the Ukrainian Dissidents

Date and Time

Thu, 12 March 2020
19:00 – 20:30 GMT

Join us for a thought-provoking talk with Bohdan Tokarsky, a scholar of Ukrainian poetry and Affiliated Lecturer in Ukrainian Studies at Cambridge, and moderator Uilleam Blacker, Lecturer in Comparative Culture of Russia and Eastern Europe, UCL

The event will also feature poetry readings of new translations of Stus into English and a short screening of documentary footage.
This event is held in partnership with PEN International. PEN members provided moral support for Stus and his fellow Ukrainian political prisoners in the Gulag. PEN’s commitment to supporting imprisoned writers around the world remains of vital importance for Ukraine today, as dozens of Ukrainian prisoners are now imprisoned in Russia on politically-motivated grounds.

Vasyl’ Stus (1938-1985)

Some previous english translations, those of Georges Grabowicz,

Ada Rybchuk, serie "The House build by a prisonner", 1961

Alcohol of Agony

This pain—the alcohol of agony,
this sorrow, crystalline and stiff.
Try to retype all of your curses,
try to rewrite the grief.
It’s been forgotten what it means—to live.
What is—the world, what is—the self.
Inhabiting one’s body still
is granted but to the insane.
And you’ll be raging, raging mad
with every diabolic step
until you die, bearing their weight
upon your grey-haired head.

 Цей біль — як алкоголь агоній

jeudi 13 février 2020

"... l'oukraïnien au centre de toutes choses." Га ?

Га ? (et aussi Га !)
Нічого не второпаю. От голова., га? — вигукнув дідок чи то з подивом і захватом, чи в стані ущипливого презирства до себе 

Олександр Довженко

mercredi 12 février 2020

Vassyl Stous, quelques interprétations oukraïniennes

Les Sœurs Telnyouk interprètent "Prochtchaï Oukraïno !"

Les Soeurs Telnyouk interprètent "Kolymski konvalii"

Ша ! Я Нічше із Адеси
The Nietzsche is a hardcore supergroup from Odessa.

Mikha intérprète "Terpy" :

Чернетка / Brouillon
"Terpy" dans l'interprétation de Ihor Stojara :

jeudi 6 février 2020

Vassyl Stous, traductions roumaines

Facerea lumii continuǎ

Poeţi ucraineni contemporani
Volodimir Danilenko

Vasîl Stus 

Dar spune-mi, Modigliani chiar a fost idiot?
Eram aproape sigur că tocmai el
Odată pe săptămână
Stăm chirciți lângă rugul care s-a stins
Stăteam la un pahar de șampanie